Quilt for Canada's 100

>> Saturday, July 1, 2017

It's finally Canada Day! And so far, it's not raining :)
Before I head out to enjoy the celebrations offered in my small northern Ontario town, I wanted to share this special family quilt with you.

canada centennial quilt

This quilt was given as an 18th birthday gift to my mother - who actually turned 18 the year after Canada's Centennial birthday!

center dates on Canada centennial quilt

However, it's pretty obvious that this quilt was made to celebrate Canada's 100 with the dates marked in the center of the quilt. I'm not sure how though, the numbers are not stitched and don't feel like an ink. They have also stayed very clear after years of use.

Centennial star stitched in blue on quilt

The handstitching between the rows of bowties show the Centennial star handstitched alternately in light blue and light pink. This photo clearly shows the stitched star.

Centennial logo

I found this photo of the Centennial Star in an interesting article about Canadian graphic design here.

Centennial star stitched in light pink

The pink stitched star is harder to see, but it's there!

top view of Centennial quilt

I took the photos of the quilt this past Christmas. This was the first time I had looked at the whole quilt from above (for obvious reasons?!) and noticed for the first time the intentional layout of the bowties. 

My mom pointed out that several of the bowties are made from fabrics she had dresses made from as a girl. In this photo my name is over the top of the box my mom kept that stored the quilt - there is a handwritten note on it from my great grandmother that this quilt was for my mom's 18th birthday. 

sister on quilt

My sister has always expressed interest in inheriting this quilt. She took another opportunity during the photo shoot to claim it! 

Enjoy the day!

Sarah V.


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