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>> Saturday, October 1, 2016

This is me not showing you a completed Churn Baby Churn Dash quilt! Life got busy, I got distracted and then I decided to work on another project with a deadline first. Here is my bin of churn dash fabrics, covered with the new Quilt Sampler magazine and some selvage squares.

If you read my newsletter you'll know that I was bribing myself with the new Quilt Sampler magazine - get something done and I could get the magazine. Needless to say I got my reward and was not disappointed with the stores inside of it. The cover quilt is calling my name! 

Subscribe to my newsletter and find out what my next carrot is - look for another newsletter soon! But, back to the churn dashes. 

In the last post I showed you several different choices for the churn dash fabrics. Here are my choices for the quilt I'm making for my son's teacher:

a mix of light, bright and dark fabrics for the churns will make a cheerful quilt

My choices for the churn dash fabrics are a mix of light, bright and dark. This way I can play with contrast between the background fabrics too. I like a quilt that dances!

pick two background fabrics for each churn dash block
MAKING TIP: Use a photo like this to keep you organized as you sew your blocks together. I refer back to mine often!

The next challenge is to decide on two background fabrics for each churn dash block. 

two complimentary background fabrics

For this bright green I chose two black background prints. The contrast between the churn and the background will be the most obvious. I love the size of the graphics on the Uppercase fabrics because they work so well for different size blocks. 

two light backgrounds offer strong contrast to bright churn

Choosing two light background fabrics also offers strong contrast between the churn dash and the background. The two fabrics will read the same when you look at the quilt from a distance, but offer some delightful eye candy up close to the quilt.

print with many colours offers chance to play with colour in the background too

The  number print is full of fun colours so I decided to play off two of the colours with my choice of background prints. Blue and orange are complimentary colours - which means they play nice together! 

different background treatments on three churn blocks

Here are my first three finished Churn, Baby, Churn blocks. You can see by looking at where the blocks touch that the secondary pattern is going to be fun to look at too.

layer cake friendly Churn Baby Churn quilt pattern

It's not too late to join me in making your own Churn, Baby, Churn quilt. I'm going to pick out three more blocks to finish today - they really do go together quickly! My son's teacher will be done at school in November which means I need to get this top together and quilted as soon as possible. 

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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