Olympic Patchwork Piecing and a Poet Shows Up

>> Thursday, August 18, 2016

embroidered blue circle tablecloth outside

Wondering why I keep my fancy stitched tablecloths hidden away. I found this one while looking for props for a photo. Put it away in my quilting space to keep it less hidden this time.

thin scraps for small piecing

Been working to finish writing for a deadline. Back into the Patchwork Olympics tonight. Hoping to catch up by sewing strips together then cutting them into smaller pieces.

pieces ready to chain piece

Chain piecing the matched strips should speed things up too.

test layout

I couldn't resist laying some of the tiny pieces out to see what a block would look like. It will finish at 8 inches square. I realize now I'm actually missing one more row across the top;)

closeup text

It's also a full moon tonight. Thought I had made a cutting error and had to throw away some of these blocks. Got really mad at myself - for the mistake, for the waste, for being so tired when it was finally time to quilt. just. for. me.

macro closeup of poet

Realized in the end, when it turned out I had been wrong but in the right way and I could still use the scraps, that I was making a dreamboard too.

Find MAKE time to quilt for you when you are not tired. Please.

Sarah V.


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