Splendid Sampler Blocks Update

>> Sunday, April 24, 2016

splendid sampler block 12

I am still working at catching up to the current Splendid Sampler blocks. Block 12 I did using the patchwork program built in to PFAFF's creative sensation pro - what a treat! 

splendid sampler block 11

For block 11 I chose to try out the chain stitches on the creative sensation pro instead of doing them by hand. It didn't turn out too badly - I like the stitching. I had the tension too tight and my block is a bit wavy. Not sure it will *quilt out* but I'm leaving it for now.

splendid sampler block 13

The pieces are really tiny in block 13, but I like it anyway :) I'm a little concerned about having enough of my light background fabrics by the time we get sixty blocks done. I'm starting to think about using the light green as background too.

splendid sampler blocks done end of april

Together they are looking good! 
Are you making the Splendid Sampler blocks?

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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