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>> Tuesday, January 26, 2016

thrive word pic
Thriving is definitely happening over here! I wish I could say it feels good all of the time, but I'm still learning to stop, look, and listen { like in fire drills at school:) }


traffic jam quilt in use

I have a hard time stopping to celebrate success. A finished quilt is definitely up there as a highlight for me - and yet. Well, here's one from Christmas in use. It really makes me feel good to make things that people use. I need to enjoy a finish and not glance immediately at my UFO pile!

Part of me wants to make things to try out new ideas, but I always fall back into the story that it has to be useful too.

I am growing my notion of useful to include -
and challenging. 
For me and/or for others.


pink ott light closed

Look for me means to take stock at what I need to keep being inspired and making. Christmas offered the time to buy some additions to my quilting space to make it easier to enjoy my quilting time.

A pink task light is a great addition. I can move it around where I need it. So far it has helped me do some hst trimming late at night and to take some better lit photos.

ott task light open on new mat

I also finally got a new cutting mat. This one has a light side and a dark side. This is only my third mat in 20 years of quilting - I was definitely overdue! It is so nice to see the lines and not get stuck in a rut :)

Looking around I realize how much my quilting space has grown this year. (It's changed a bit again!) It's always ready for me to walk in and work. Having a dedicated place to quilt makes it easier for me to *flick the switch* and begin.


yellow selvage heart on string

This yellow selvage heart on a string LOOKS like Thriving to Me. When I stop and listen to my reasons it's really quite simple:

I felt safe to ACT on my wonder

When I wonder I listen deeply to myself. 
I turn off the devices and shut the magazines and I take a walk.
I look to nature for inspiration.
I look at the colors and the textures.
When I stop listening to my inner critic I feel safe to play. 

As more opportunities come my way I stop to remind myself what Thriving Looks Like: 

When I ACT on my wonder I Sew JOY

Remember to Stop, Look and Listen to your wonder,

Sarah V

monkey mug on mug rug

This week I'm blogging over at QUILTSocial.com with a tutorial for a Lucky Monkey Tail Mug Rug! Come see!


lovetostitch January 27, 2016 at 7:02 AM  

I must admit I am way behind on blogs, this year seems to be zooming, maybe I should steal your word, and try to slow down a bit. Loved your photo of your quilt being used and all snuggly - isn't that the best feeling?! I'd love to see how you've switched things up in quilt area! I try and visit you on Quilt Social.

Maker Joy January 27, 2016 at 11:50 AM  

The selvage heart is beautiful and such a fun way to use strings.

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