Sewing JOY in September with Pat Sloan and Scraps!

>> Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vacation Time block September from BOM by Pat Sloan

I have been sewing up some JOY in September - and it turns out a LOT of it is inspired/enabled by Pat Sloan!

I did the Vacation Time block right away this month - mostly because I liked it as soon as I saw it and couldn't resist! So happy to have been able to use the last big turtle in my novelty print AND that I could cut the toile print so that all the images go in the same direction. Next up will be the sashings and fill in blocks. 

Vacation Time free Block of the Month by Pat Sloan

little wishes star block from Pat Sloan's scrap challenge

Pat Sloan also has a scrap challenge right now making these blocks. 
I had to.
My scrap bins are full and I have the perfectly pretty Pat Sloan daisy fabric to make into star points!

Pat Sloan Little Wishes Challenge

Another rainbow block for my Roosting Round Robin

I only started to feel a little guilty that I haven't touched my Roosting Round Robin lately - plus a lot of fabrics that could turn into scraps for Little Wishes blocks are being set aside with this one - so I worked on making another rainbow block.

I'm glad I did because I found out I lost my scribbled plan of how many blocks I need!
Now I know and feel a bit more motivated to keep going. These blocks are fun to make and come together really quickly.

This one is also a Pat Sloan inspired quilt - I'm making it with a group of online friends who follow Pat!

You can see how far my Roosting Round Robin is on this post.
{AND it includes a photo of that drawing I lost - yipee!}

Traffic Jam scrap challenge from Pat Sloan

This was another one of Pat's scrap challenges and I am happy to report that it is with a friend to get quilted!
My first time having someone else do the quilting for me.
I have a lot more waiting. he he.
Notice there's a lime green focus print in this one too? hmmmm. 

You can find the Traffic Jam pattern scrolling down Pat Sloan's Free Pattern Page - it's 2nd!

With Joy,

Sarah V

p.s. There will be more blog posts this week - promise!

Next one should be the Harvest JOY Wall hanging post for the 9 patch blocks ;)


Beth September 13, 2015 at 10:56 PM  

Seems like I am always trying to catch up these days. Love your little wishes blocks. My Traffic Jam top is done. I still need to quilt it at some point. :)
I need to move that Roosting Robin forward too. Ugh.
Catch up catch up.....

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