Process Tip: How I Pin a Around a Placemat with No Binding

>> Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Today's tip is a photo: all the information you need to see how I pin around a placemat to stitch it closed. 

It would appear that I like to make placemats that don't require binding. Many quilters like binding the least of all the steps to make a quilt. Binding doesn't bother me, but the reason I use the 'envelop' or 'birthing' method (as I have heard it called) is because it uses no extra fabric!

You can see I pin in lots of important places going around the placemat:

  • I pin a 1/4 inch from the end of each edge to give myself a heads up that it's time to turn a corner!
  • I like to pin at seams as well to make sure I pay attention and keep the seams lying flat. 
  • Along long edges I usually stick a pin or two as well to make sure the layers all stay together.
  • I put 2 pins in close together where I want to stop and leave the turning gap. 
  • I start at a pin on the other side of the gap. I like to put this gap along an edge with no seam and preferably where you don't look at it all the time (bottom left edge is a good spot.)

Remember, to MAKE the sandwich put your pieces down in this order:

placemat top RIGHT SIDE DOWN

*It's takes a long time to rip out all the way around if you don't. Don't ask how I know!*

I hope you find this photo useful. 
Maybe you'll finish a few more placemats!!

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With Joy,

Sarah V


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