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>> Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I am really happy you're here! Today's the day I reveal what I've got planned to start this quilt along adventure.
I really wasn't going to show you a picture of the blocks together right away, but if you're anything like me then too much mystery puts you off and you won't join in the fun right from the beginning. Am I right?

Now. I still intend to make a row quilt. But this wallhanging makes me so happy that I might have to make some more blocks to make both!


I have figured out how much of each fabric you will need for the whole wallhanging and then broke it down into requirements for each type of block too. Why? Because maybe you're like me and don't buy yards of fabric at a time, but you have bits of a whole bunch of darks or tans or oranges. I don't want you to put off having some fun making this quilt because you don't have 2 yards of one background fabric! Look around - really look around and see what would pass as a background for you. 

One trick I did with my background fabrics is that I used the same one for all of my basket blocks. Each basket is a different dark, but the same background helps them play happier together - especially if this was a row in a quilt. All of my stars are the same colour too, but that's just because I don't have the option of adding more yellows right now. My stash is pretty much out of yellow!

Another reason I gave fabric amounts for each part of the wallhanging is because in the outer border of 9 patch blocks there are big sections of background fabric. I didn't want to piece these so I cut them before I started working on my 9 patches. As you can see, they are from 3 different fabrics. So if you have bigger pieces of background fabric, you might want to save them for this part of the quilt.

In summary, you will need a variety of background fabrics, a variety of darks - mine are blacks and browns, some orange, some yellow and a little green.


BACKGROUND 2 ¼ yards
amount used in each set of blocks as follows:
9 patch – 1 yard - some of this is needed for 8 - 6.5 x 12.5 pieces
pumpkin patch – ¾

 stars and basket – ¾ 

DARK 1 1/8 yards
amount used in each set of blocks as follows:
9 patch – 3/8
pumpkin patch – ¼

 stars and baskets – ½


STARS – ¼ yard

STEMS – 1/8 yard (5x10 inch piece) 

Okay! Time to get into your stash and see what fabrics you have to play with. You can leave me questions here and I'll answer them in the comments.

Feel free to share your fabric choices with me! You could include a photo of them in the comments or a link to your blog OR share a photo at my facebook page with the hashtag #sewharvestjoy

I've included a downloadable pdf of the fabric requirements for you to print or save.
I'm thinking some of the quilt along ideas will eventually turn into patterns for sale and most of these posts will get edited. So download and keep for later;)

Click to download pdf of fabric requirements

With Joy,

Sarah V


lovetostitch August 21, 2015 at 2:55 PM  

I just printed off my requirements, and going to look thru my extensive scraps first, I'm sure I have some Autumn colors in there!! How often will you be giving clues? I know we will be gone a bit next month. It's very cute, and who couldn't use a little touch of Fall in the air?! You are ambitious with school also!! Thank you, Sarah!!

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