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>> Thursday, June 25, 2015

This week we started to bring home our stuff from our classrooms. I got the top part for the hutch in my sewing space that was used as a bookcase all year (minus the glass sliding doors!) It looked much bigger sitting in a class than it does on top of the hutch. It also has an edge along the back of the shelf for displaying plates.

I also decided to get rid of my Hello Kitty toybox storage as one of my cats decided it was a great napping place and has pretty much ruined the lid. I can't believe how MUCH stuff was inside!

Now my quilting space looks like I QUILT! I thought I gave most things away that I finish. Turns out I have many little things laying around that are done and that I could probably sell - something I'm going to look into soon. That's the pile on the top right shelf.
The bottom right shelf is quilts that I've finished, mostly wall hanging size, and some my sister has made for me as well. The bottom left is also a pile of finishes - some by my daughter and some by quilting friends. The very bottom of this pile is panels of my Halloween 1904 quilt that are quilted.
The top left pile is ALL of the Halloween 1904 panels that are NOT quilted yet!
The middle pile on the bottom is all of the pillow covers I've made.
Apparently I like to make pillow covers!
But maybe you knew that already (wink)

It seems strange but being able to see all of these 'finished goods' makes me smile. I feel like I do create and produce joy on a more consistent basis than I thought.

Seeing the results of my creative work has definitely made my space more JOY filled AND a more JOYful place to play too.

Wishing you time to savour some JOY today,

Sarah V.


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