My ROYGBIV Entry for Blogger's Quilt Festival

>> Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's the most wonderful quilt blogging time of the year again!

Amy from is hosting her biannual Blogger's Quilt Festival and I'm in under the wire this year to post two entries!

{Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet}

This is my entry - yes it's a pillow but it's also quilted so I think it counts:)

I find inspiration in traditional patterns and bright colours; I tend to put them together to create my joy. I was already a quilter when my daughter was born and she has grown up around me playing with fabrics and played in them herself. Once I asked her opinion {I think she was 5!} about what colours to pick to use in a quilt. Her advice - USE THEM ALL!
Now when I'm interested in trying something and not sure what direction to take, I think of her advice and make it in rainbow.

{I always read  "ROYGBIV" as "RAINBOW" - don't you?!}

This is not your average size pillow! I did take the wallhanging pattern and make it into a pillow front instead when I found some 26 inch Euro pillow forms on sale.

The design is not my own; it's actually the Primitive Gatherings 10th Anniversary Stitch Along patchwork version. It is now available as a kit on their website (I'm not sure if you can still visit the posts to find the pattern for free)

You can read my first post about the pillow here.

In this photo you can see me (hi!) and the quilting I did on the pillow. I echo quilted around the star until the yellow border. The pieces are small - I think those blue/violet hsts finish at 1 1/2 inches.

Thanks for visiting my happy place online. I invite you to look around and enjoy some more of my posts, maybe even a free tutorial or two.

There are lots more ROYGBIV quilts to enjoy at Amy's site, plus other categories too.

Click to visit the main site for the 2015 Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival

I'm posting a wall hanging in the Original Design category. See you there:)

With Joy,

Sarah V


SarahZ May 25, 2015 at 8:27 AM  

I LOVE this! All the colors with the teeny, precise IS joy full!!! And I love your daughter's advise :)

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