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>> Monday, March 23, 2015

Hi, remember me?!

Yes, it was March Break last week and I did get to sew up quite a few things. But never did make time to blog about it!
My apologies.

It does seem that several of my projects are stuck at orange - they need orange fabric of some shade and size to get to the next step.(I guess not ALL of my projects just some I'm trying to move ahead!)

My orange fabrics are tied up in my Halloween 1904 which I'm happy to report I have completed sewing on all the black half square triangles. I plan to do a post about it by the weekend(?) that shows the final three blocks blanket stitched and bordered. (I use that 'plan' word loosely!) Let's just say I stitched one tonight and have the thread (and foot) ready for tomorrow night:)

This quilt is waiting for orange. The Primitive Gatherings 10th Anniversary Stitch Along.
I did complete this border of square in a square blocks which measure 2 inches (square) each! It's now too heavy to hang on my design wall . . .

The next border is a thin one which I want to be orange - although this picture makes it look like pink will do!

I'll be back really soon with another post. If I post once a day this week I should be caught up!

With Joy,

Sarah Vee


Beth April 5, 2015 at 4:35 PM  

I love that Primitive Gatherings sew along that you are working on. It looks great.
Can't wait to see what else you did during spring break.

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