February Goal Check In

>> Sunday, February 22, 2015

Okay. Let's go down the list and see how I did!

1. Large Churn Dash quilted.

2. Christmas Threads of Memory Quilt
I didn't touch this one.
Left to do:

1) backing for second half (2 blocks of quilting time)
2) pin together first half of quilt (1 block of quilting time)
3) start quilting 1st row of first half of quilt (1 block of quilting time)

3. Halloween 1904

I did work on 1 block.
I 'm thinking I might prep a block or two to quilt. I kind of miss having a project to quilt now that I got myself into a routine of machine quilting. Imagine that!


Roosting Robin

I'm really happy with how this new quilt is growing! I did keep up and have 2 rows finished. The next row will come out March 15.

5. Birthday Gifts

I DID make the 2 gifts I needed to - they have yet to be mailed though!


Sew Joy Creations

I found making my goal list really made me curious about designing new stuff. I'm really happy that I made 3 new things.

I also managed to create this more modern piece. 
It's been really fun to set these goals for myself. 
I think coming up with 3 threes a quarter is good. Now I need to decide if I'm going to make any of these into patterns and to keep coming up with new ideas.


Primitive Gatherings 10th Anniversary Stitch Along
I added another border and I'm working on the tiny square in a square border that goes on next.

8. Orphan Christmas Words
I didn't touch this one. It's beside my machine and will make a great little project to work on in between this month. Or next week! Where did February GO?!


4 Placemats Quilted!

I decided one night to just clean off my ironing board already! All four placemats got quilted. I'm ready for spring!!

10. Scrap Pieces to be made into an apron

I played with this a bit. I lost steam but did find more of the chocolate fabric. It might go away again since I did miss Valentines. 

11. Batik mini 9 patch wall hanging

I didn't get to this one yet, but I want to soon. Next step is to cut the remaining charms to make a border.


Surprise Surprise! I did join one of Pat Sloan's sew alongs. This one I posted previously but I'm adding it to my goal list. I plan to keep up with this one as it's helping me use up some of my more flamboyant stash.

So, only a few things left to finish up on this list. I'm looking forward to getting into my Halloween 1904 quilt again and to get the Threads of Memory Christmas quilt further along. 
Next month is exciting with a week long break from school. We'll see if I can stay focused and finish some things!

How are you doing on your goals this quarter?

With Joy,

Sarah V


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