>> Sunday, November 9, 2014

A group of northern Ontario artists, The Fibre Muses, had a show within my town's fibre art festival. They do challenges and the following trees are based on a workshop they did with Elaine Quehl.

This quilt captured exactly what it looked like that week in our town. My daughter took these photos on her iPad mini - she made this one her background immediately!

A side note but maybe it's relevant for you if you take photos on a device like an iPad and then try to post your photos only to find them appear sideways: there's some technical reason for it as the photo is saved as a jpg it is 'remembered' and saved in its original orientation. Solution - save your edited photos as 'png' and they will come out the orientation you save it as:)

I have more photos to share from the festival which was very inspiring again, but I'm behind in general on posting. So, before it snows more (again!) here is our Jack o Lantern with the dusting of snow we had the day after Halloween.

Halloween day our reserve school has the students walk to the grave yards to place wreaths they make on the graves. It is also known as All Saints Day in many religions. The snow stuck on the trees made it a very mesmerizing walk through the woods.

My quilting is mostly on the back burner these days. This quilt was shouting the loudest (as they say) and so it finally got the border it wanted. It feels complete now (except for the actually quilting!) and fills the dining room with the perfect feeling of fall. Too bad it's snowing again already. Soon I will have to take down all my orange quilts to replace them with the reds and greens of the coming season.

Take some time to enjoy quilting this week!

With Joy,

Sarah V


Beth November 9, 2014 at 10:53 PM  

OMG, we had some snow Halloween morning that melted before morning was over. I am so not ready for the snow you have. Although it does look beautiful.
Those trees are so amazing. The detail is stunning. Thanks for sharing.
Love the barns. Happy they got a border. LOL
Happy stitching.

HelenMarie November 10, 2014 at 8:08 AM  

OMG SNOW!!! YIKES!!!! I know it's november and that there was some snow in east TN and the higher elevations... but I am so not ready for winter. I think my blood has thinned out since moving south... I used to love the cold weather... not so much any more.

I love your barns! I saved those patterns, but never got around to making them. I may have to pull them out and make them in the new year.

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