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>> Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I live on the shady side of the street (my daffodils didn't come out this year. again.) I decided to plant pansies to add some colour to my porch and garden. They're bright and reliable - and growing! (Did you notice that I had to put those purple ones in the middle for some 'pop'? I just couldn't plant only one colour in there - kind of like how I make my quilts!)

They have grown so much that they are literally peeking over the edge of the planter.

Here's some more 'peeks' for you (hehe)

On my "I want to design" list for several years now has been a patriotic pattern. Something. Anything! I'm not American, but really love all the great designs that come out incorporating the stars and stripes. I rediscovered the layer cake in my space - the ONLY ONE I've ever owned (!) - and the fireworks started.

How come nobody told me how MUCH fabric you get in a layer cake!?!!

Anyway - here is one result. A peek at one side of a placemat pattern I'm working on this week. 
I'm calling it Striped Delight. Even if your flag isn't the stars and stripes, the design lends itself to a traditional country style. The layer cake I'm using, Wildflower Serenade, goes beautifully with my Denby dishes. Finally I will have made placemats that match my dishes!

There is so much fabric in a layer cake that I was able to design a second placemat with the same one! This one is quick and easy - a perfect backing for the first design. This layout would work well with almost any layer cake out there, I'm sure. I will be putting both patterns in one so that you can choose to make either one or both.

I still have a few 10 inch squares left so we'll see if I come up with anything else to add!

What do you think?
With Joy,

Sarah Vee

p.s. the Double Chocolate Banana Bread you see here is deliciious! I posted a link to the recipe on my facebook page earlier this week. Here's the link again: Double Chocolate Banana Bread.  yummy!


Beth June 19, 2014 at 6:04 PM  

Ohh great job with the Stripes and star placemat. And it looks good with your dishes. I like the other pattern too.
You are making up for lost sewing time.
Do you get to have the whole summer off?
Almost forgot...the flowers look beautiful.

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