March Full Moon Dreamboard

>> Friday, April 12, 2013

My March Dreamboard appeared in the REAL world for me. In the end I wrote down the most meaningful words.

EAGLE - I currently supply teach on a First Nations Reserve. The school mascot is the Eagle - migize in Ojibway. Bald Eagles. I have seen several lately - flying over the road. Perched in a tree beside the river as I looked out my window on the way to work. 
We went on a school trip to the reserve's sugar bush - teachings of the Eagle Clan on the sign above the door of the building where we ate pancakes and sausages.

Lots of words and signs this month. Literally. I wanted to go back with my camera and take pictures, but instead, I Remember.

The sign in our town's karate studio reads


And the Pentecostal Church sign with this reminder,

Follow Your Heart
But take your brain along with you

Just in time to start gathering for the next Full Moon!
The Full Pink Moon asks What Dreams are you Ready to Tend?

Maybe this is where/when I should announce that I got accepted into Teacher's College to start Aug 26, 2013!?!

With Joy,
Sarah Vee

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