Glorious Autumn Blocks

>> Sunday, September 23, 2012

I am delighted that I found some YELLOW fabric to go into these blocks! I was cutting up my Christmas scraps and found some lime green and this yellow that I'm not going to keep with my holiday stash. It works wonderfully with the yellow in my brown print, don't you think? I might even paint a wall in my kitchen this colour I'm so happy! You can find Rochelle's block pattern over at the Quilting Gallery's main hosting page for the Glorious Autumn Block Party.

The yellow also made it into this block by Kimberly Jolly. You can see by looking at her block pattern that I added more colours to my blocks. I'm using mostly scraps for these blocks and I didn't have enough of the brown to make all 3 sides of each corner brown. So I added the yellow! You can see I also used a little bit of yellow in one other spot - I guess that makes this a 'maverick' block. Making do can be a fun challenge {wink}


I did get a BONUS 's' block out of Kimberly's block. I don't like to waste fabric if I can help it, although I am getting better at discarding tiny bits.  This one will get added to my little pile of 's' blocks which will someday make me a quilt.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. 

Sarah Vee


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