Orange Ya Glad I'm Back!

>> Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I've missed being here, sharing with you. I hope you have kept yourself busy and in your stashes creating wonderful things. I have been writing. a lot. but not here - in notebooks! Notebooks plural, as in at least the 3 you can see on my orange desk. I've got little ones, big ones, even a little lime green one with polka dots! 

And I've been working. lots of that too. 

 I used a little bit of my time today to roast some peppers. I had to take a photo to share here because they reminded me of a modern looking quilt. Just imagine the background a solid colour - or stripes or solid colours. I couldn't remember how to get the flash glare out of my photo. Maybe take the photo cue and try a light silver circle in the middle of the background!

Here's a HUED up version of my photo. I am still playing with They have added more features as picnik is close to shutting down. There's also a new monkey in town  to play with.

If you're loving the orange post today, check out my sister's wonderful orange challenge, and photos from her guild's quilt show.

If the orange post isn't doing it for you - I'll share some of my actually quilting in the next few posts. Most of it isn't orange {wink}

What COLOUR have you been creating with lately?

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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