Never too Late to Dream: February Dreamboard

>> Friday, February 17, 2012

 My February dreamboard was created shortly after the full moon. During the full moon I did receive insights into this month's prompt provided by Jamie Ridler:

"What desires lie deep within?"

The pocket watch picture didn't come out great in my main photo so I am including closeups of the top and bottom of my board.

My first attempt at placing the images led me to a really white looking board again. 
I wanted to paint the whole thing with a covering of blue. 
Then I dug deeper and found more. 
More saturated colours to fill up my world with - and the wonderful laughing woman holding herself together while letting it all out.

I didn't realize until looking at my dreamboard for a few days that the images are placed in a yin and yang design. 

All the dark on one side and the light on the other. Balancing each other out. I am finding more meaning in this board each day. Even now as I type I feel how the word "Believe" reinforces the images on the left side - creativity, laughter, joy, harmony and the word "Awaken" also leaves me with actions to pursue. Space and time to play,  seek clarity, organize priorities. . .

Here is a closeup of the quote I found while leafing through a copy of Alice in Wonderland. 

It wanted to be included as well.
 Story and Writing have started to brim to the surface for me.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee

p.s. I invite you to enjoy the dreamboards linked up through Jamie's site again this month.


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