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>> Sunday, December 18, 2011

One of my current happy places in my house is right next to my sewing machine. I'm not sewing much right now, but I do get to walk by and glance at some of my favourite things more than once a day.

Do you see my new mug?! Time will tell if any more will come my way next year;)
The snowman is holding up a sweet load of peppermints sent to me by a quilty friend in the U.S.. Both of my kids LOVE them - I may have to put them in a higher safe place.

Hello Kitty is punched out of a Happy Meal box. I admit it. I have a little 'thing' for the kitty right now!

The card made by my son out of leftover half square triangles.
The 'note' out front in yellow writing is a train ticket from him. There's always an adventure going on in his little world.

My "S" box from my sis full of safety pins again - because I AM DONE quilting my son's quilt for Christmas. Just need to finish the binding. Hopefully later today and tomorrow.

My pincushion sitting atop an early gift from my mother in law.
 A magnetic bowl. It was great for slipping my pins onto it as I finished quilting. It's so strong that the bobbins in the top drawer were drawn to it! 
Miss Kitty approves:)

Behind the bowl?

A wooden pencil box that I've had forever and am now using to store my bobbins!

There was a brief discussion over at Pat Sloan's Quilt Mashup Forum about bobbin storage and I was disappointed in not finding a plastic magic cure when I went to Walmart last weekend. It really made me look around at what I already had and I found this old treasure. 

It will fit two rows of bobbins. It should be useful for a very long time!

On to the Winners!

I asked my DH to pick three numbers and here are the winners and their comments about making for the holiday season.

Mary C replied
I like to make cookies and candy for our neighbors and friends. I spend a couple of days creating, plating and delivering the homemade gifts. 

Dix replied
I like to make stocking stuffers in crochet or knitting. 

and Michell replied
I have made a couple of table runners before, but i like making coaster as they are so fast to make 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Blog Hop Party Giveaway

There's still time to get your very own

The Bundle will be available until the end of 2011

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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