Oh, Thank Cuteness! Post of Joy

>> Monday, November 21, 2011

How could I resist an invitation from Sandi  
to participate in this week's
Especially when it led to
a wonderful discovery that Scott 
 is heading up this great magazine!

Cuteness comes and goes around here, usually depending on my amount of sleep {wink}

Today the cuteness came out with our first snow fall!
Not enough to cover the grass, but enough to get my two kids EXCITED about what's coming. . .

The prompt for the display of cuteness around blog land was apparently a blog comment somewhere a few weeks ago by a disgruntled visitor who wanted to see JUST quilts on a blog.

Around here it is mostly quilts, but a lot of my quilting is inspired by cute things - my children and my sibling's children to start.

Quilting started for me out of a quiet, lonely despair about not being able to conceive. I talked about my story a bit here. If you check out the post at Generation Q today, you'll read that I'm not alone in my beginnings. Quilting brought me joy in my darkest moments and continues to bring give me the opportunity to celebrate the joyous ones!

I love quilting.
I love the world of quilters I have discovered
through magazines, books and online.
I love making quilts and quilt patterns. 
I love sharing my love of quilting.

But it's not all cute.

Today I really needed to take some time and work on pattern writing. My children were home for  a PD day. My 4 year old son has no concept of how long a 'turn' is on the computer and that I would like to WORK on the computer and not just PLAY.

Sew. . .
I pulled out a quilt block that I've been working on. He thought it would look more like trees once there were decorations on them.

I pulled out my buttons. And took a lid off one of my organizing totes.
I dumped the buttons into a box and he decorated while I wrote.

Then he needed to add snow.

Then we printed a picture of his button work 4 times. He cut them out and has a proud pile of artwork to take to school to show his teacher tomorrow.
I fleshed out the 'guts' of one pattern and made a list of photos to edit and insert.
Then we made Cocoa Oatmeal muffins to celebrate. And he fell promptly to sleep.

Okay, so Cuteness prevailed today!

Enjoy the links and take some time to be thankful for all the Cuteness in your life.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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