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>> Wednesday, October 26, 2011

 Perhaps it was the fact that I needed to iron my husband's shirts last night that I grabbed my camera first.  We have been moving furniture around in our house and currently the living room that is beside my sewing space {our front entranceway!} is mostly empty. I put my ironing board up to the left of my sewing machine. Before it was hanging out in the 'doorway' between my sewing space and the living room. Ahhhhh more space!

 My sewing table has also been extended by dropping the leaf on the right hand side. My filing cabinet is back to the left of my machine - with my small ironing board on top. I was finding my quilt tops to be sliding off the metal top and the ironing board is offering a bit of resistance.

 This is what the table looks like to the right of my sewing machine. My Baby Basket blocks by Pat Sloan waiting to be blanket stitched. I will obviously miss her deadline to get this project into a top - but I will keep making it!  The recycled strawberry containers hold 1.5 inch strips - one has dark and one has light strips.

This is what I'm sewing them into

  5.5 inches unfinished log cabin blocks.  It's my current leader and ender project. I am actually getting a few done as I work on my current project. 

 Now in the doorway between rooms - my cabinets! I had to move stuff away from my design wall because the quilt I am designing is BIG!
Whose legs are those on the storage cart?

This is my husband's skeleton that I bring into my sewing room for Halloween. Remember my front door is in this room!

See! We use this door on Halloween and then I can cover it again with another design wall. Hee Hee.
This is the wall my Follow Your Bliss wallhanging will live on. Currently the top is just pinned in posititon. Someday it will actually get finished:)

What's left? Messy photos!

 This is the front closet. I store my fat quarters in hanging shoe racks. The hanging sweater racks have works in progress - or at least the ones I want to keep looking at so I get to them first! You can also see a few more shirts I need to iron. Up top are a few books I keep close for reference and newer magazines - there are shelves and totes of more downstairs.  Lots of little bits of junk up top that gets chucked there until I procrastinate again and sort it. In the bins I have batting, more unfinished projects, some older fabrics I use to make Green Bag Lady bags. Boxes of buttons, Christmas fabric, scrapbooking paper, etc. The closet does have doors that close!LOL

 My pile of shame beneath my cutting table. My Lady of the Lake quilt to finish. My son's Christmas quilt to quilt. Fabrics that I'm cutting into for my current project.

Thanks for indulging me in the photoshoot! I hope you enjoyed snooping around:) Here's a sneak peek at the project I am working on and the reason I needed to iron those shirts! I will be using my MistyFuse again to get all these words onto fabric. I like to iron clothe before fusibles in case of a messy iron.

Enjoy your day, I'm off to work!
Sarah Vee


lovetostitch October 26, 2011 at 8:39 PM  

What a brave soul to allow us in like that! Yours is very neat & tidy compared to mine!! My scrapbook stuff never got put entirely back in it's home and the magazines are having a jolly time!!!

Sarah Vanderburgh October 31, 2011 at 9:43 AM  
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