The Quilt Is Growing

>> Thursday, October 6, 2011

The quilt is growing! Thank you for your suggestions for what to do for the borders. Turned out many of you liked this brown print. After I added the green border I laid it out and liked how it looked - now that there was some more 'green connection'.

The PLAN for this quilt for my son has grown too! We might just be receiving {if we go and pick up!} a metal bunk bed set for my son's room. With the bunk on the bottom being LARGER than a twin. . . I think it's almost a double!

The photo above shows the status of the quilt right now. I went around once with the brown stripe and discovered I had enough left to add another strip top and bottom. This really helped to stop the progression of squareness and turned it into more of a twin looking quilt.  I do have more of the blue fabric and had every intention of adding more - wider on the sides and narrow on the top and bottom. 

Then the quilter in me who realized it will be ME quilting this beauty through my domestic sewing machine stopped the show and said "Let's go take a look!"

The actual bed the quilt will be living on has yet to arrive. . . Next best thing? Lay it out on every OTHER bed in the house!!!!

 Here's the quilt top on my son's current futon mattress. It would work as is.

 This is laid out on my queen size bed. It almost completely covers the top which makes me think it's big enough as is.   This little photo op made the quilting procrastinator in me think, "hey, just make it bigger for yourself and start something ELSE for him!"

Not this time, sweetie!

 On my daughter's twin size bed it looks just about right. Actually the main design on the quilt hangs over the edges a bit.

Here's a view of the side. If I added a bit more blue border, then the sides of the quilt would hang farther down and perhaps, if it was a double bed, the entire top of the mattress would have quilt on it.

After playing The Three Little Bears around all the beds in the house I'm going to let it sit today. No choice really, back to work today!  Not sure how quickly his new bed will arrive, but part of me is thinking long term on the sizing. While it's great if you can make a quilt to fit the exact bed it's going to live on - things change. I want this quilt to have a happy life - regardless of the bed it lives on. It should be a pleasing size for the user - who I know already will say this quilt is too BIG for him because he still likes to haul his blankie around! Too many borders will take away from the main design and will look like an afterthought.

Maybe done is done. 

With Joy, 
Sarah Vee


Lynette October 6, 2011 at 8:01 AM  

Looking good! Don't forget about shrinkage when you're seeing if it's big enough for what you need. You'll get the 5% or so shrinkage if your batting is not prewashed, and the quilting itself makes a little shrinkage, too.

lovetostitch October 6, 2011 at 9:11 PM  

I like how it looks, Sarah - I would quit!! Leave yourself a time to create a bigger one for him, and besides you don't want it to start looking like border, border, border, just to be bigger. I think it looks super!!!

HelenMarie October 7, 2011 at 8:46 AM  

It looks great Sarah!... that inner green border then the green in the brown really brings the entire thing together nicely!

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