Fall Colours for Quilts

>> Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall has the most wonderfully inspiring colour palettes!
I realized as I was making this photo of my baked squash 'pretty' that the colours inside the squash are very similar to those outside on the trees.

 The variety of green really starts to show when the trees around them change to their autumnal hues. The texture of the willow and the evergreen mixed in this one appeals to my quilter's sense of mixing size of prints as well as colours to create a pleasing palette. {don't ignore the grey and pale blue framing this shot - ideas for sashing colours, perhaps?}

 Apparently, there are quite a few dilapidated garages in my neighbourhood! I love the vibrancy of the yellow against that fall blue sky. I think the neutrals of the garage would make a stunning repeat block pattern with some of the yellow and orange mixed in.  Notice there is white in the photo but it's soft, like a hand dyed print. Light gray would probably add to the sparkle in the quilt.

 This is a closeup of an oak tree that I cropped. I noticed how defined each leaf was as the colour changed. I'm starting to think about quilting thread now when I look at nature for inspiration. This photo suggests a very warm colour palette of fiery oranges, yellow orange and maybe even some lime green. The thin branches suggest brown quilting thread to me - maybe variegated!

I loved the clouds on this beautiful fall day. I think the fall blue makes this a very patriotic palette. Do your eyes go right to the red? Just a little can go a long way in a quilt too:)

Enjoy the colourful possibilities of Fall!
Sarah Vee


Karen October 18, 2011 at 3:13 PM  

Thanks for these great fall pictures! Fall is my very favorite season, especially for quilts and fabrics!


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