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>> Thursday, September 15, 2011

This is a scan of a photograph. It's a wedding sampler quilt I made for my sister back in 2001. There is a crane machine stitched in that middle panel with names and a date.
I signed the label "Joyfully Created" and find that really neat! Long before I had heard of blogs {were there blogs back then?} I was using the word JOY when referring to my quiltmaking.

This is another scanned photo, this time the sampler I made for my brother. It turns out I did make log cabin blocks before! It's hard to remember that I've tried different things unless I go back once and awhile and look at some photos. This is also the first time {I think} that I appliqued letters onto a quilt. I know that the black in the centre block was my inspiration fabric. I only had a little bit of it - what you see here and some more on the label.
Not sure of the size - the quilt is draped on a living room chair in the photo so it is probably at least 30, if not 40 inches square.

This is the first wedding sampler that I made with my sister. She did the cross stitch centre panel and the names {in the bottom of the purple inner border} I hand pieced the blocks and the green border! I loved picking out all those different oranges:) This photo is only of the top. I know the bride and groom liked it because I saw it hanging in their house. This is still one of my favourites.

This was my first needle turn applique. Another sampler done with my sister. She did the cross stitch here as well. I picked out an old block I saw in a magazine and chose the colours. I chose the burgundy background fabric and was thrilled to find out later it was the bride's favourite colour.

None of these quilts live in my house, but I enjoyed making them. I found a few more old photos of quilts that I made from other people's designs - something I rarely do! I'll share those another time.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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