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>> Monday, September 5, 2011

This is all I have up on my design wall this morning. I have sewn on the red stem with some variegated red thread and pinned some blue leaves in place. I think I will have to play with the flower petals before I "know" if this is how I want to place the leaves.

See that nice turquoise basket with the handle? I spent most of my quilting time over the weekend cutting up the scraps that were in it.

This is how full it was when I started! It was ready for a clean out and clean up - to make room for some more scraps:)

There were quite a few large pieces in the basket, like this pink dinosaur.

Fabric scraps this size are still useable in my books so they went back into my colour cubbies.
Here's a link to where I store fabric this size. It's an older post, but I do still use the hanging shoe racks for this size of fabric.

I'm currently cutting up scraps for 2 specific project - and another specific size.

Project 1 = I'm cutting 1.5 inch strips to make a mini log cabin quilt. It's a side project that I started during my Follow Your Bliss makealong. I now have enough strips that I can sort them in 2 strawberry containers - one dark and one light. I'm hoping to get this set up as a leader and ender project - soon!

Project 2 = A project I have actually changed my mind on but will keep cutting these specific sizes. I'm cutting 3.5 inch squares and bricks that measure 2.5 inches x 3.75 inches. The bricks are for a piano key border that I still plan to make. The squares were to be cut into half square triangles. But I don't like to trim! I just reread the quilt directions and I would have to trim down to 2.5 inch squares. So, I am probably going to use the squares and do disappearing 4 patches or 9 patches or - something else!

Specific size = 2.5 inch squares. A long time ago now I saw a watercolour quilt at Exuberant Color and commented to Wanda that I've always wanted to make a watercolour quilt but don't really have the stash for it. She suggested I simply cut squares as I make projects and eventually I would have enough. I think she's right! This is one of my stackable cucumber boxes with strawberry containers full of 2.5 inch squares {and apparently, one has scraps that I was too lazy to cut but stashed away here to cut at another time!}

Do you save scraps? How small do you go?

To check out some more design walls, visit the links at Judy's blog.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


Quilter Kathy September 5, 2011 at 4:54 PM  

Unfortunately I save EVERYTHING including thread snips. Makes for a storage nightmare! I loved seeing your photos of how you organize your pieces!

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