Family Quilt on a Friday

>> Friday, August 19, 2011

Can I blame my sister for missing my promise to post a family quilt on Wednesday?
Probably not!
But I can share a quilt by the same maker as the one she blogged about on Sunday.
Check it out here.

This is my quilt made by my maternal great grandmother.
It is a very simple construction made of all types of fabrics. I don't think there is any cotton on it!

Lots of the 'fuzzies' where the ties come through the quilt are missing. I remember we had at least one cat who like to play with/nibble them.
I used this quilt for a long time, and have let my daughter use it too.

This is the backing fabric. It's very soft and warm. I have always liked this side of the quilt too. It is bound with this material and I have a pillow case in the same fabric too. The binding is thinning, but still in useable condition.

It was a beautiful sunny evening when I gathered up my quilts and took them outside to photograph. See me?

My brother has a similar sized quilt, with a lot more dark colours. I remember really liking his because it had so much texture and masculine patterns {think plaids and paisleys}. I guess we should be taking photos of his quilts too!

I had forgotten that my sister had a larger quilt, and the story behind it. I hope to get a photo at my parents house soon of the quilt that they have with so many of the same fabrics as hers in it.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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