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>> Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am having so much fun with Pat Sloan's and Emilie Richards' Happpiness Key Mystery.

Especially now that I've made a key lime pie!

There is a group of dedicated "Sloanies" working on this project together. We share stories and especially stories about pie. One of the characters in Emilie's books is slightly obsessed with pie, too.

Every month Pat gives a photo challenge to go with the quilt. This month was to take a photo of yourself with a dessert. You can see our projects and desserts at the flickr group here.

One of the ladies on Pat's forum LOVES Key Lime Pie. I think she eats it once a day!?!?
I took on the challenge to find key lime pie. Pretty tricky up here in the northern parts of Ontario.
Then I saw some frozen ones.
Then I decided to make my own.

Finally we have key limes in the grocery store. They're really tiny!

One trip around the internet for this recipe and BAM!

Here's a slice of my Key Lime Pie. On one of my placemats:)

Here's an action shot of me releasing a slice from the pie. {My crust is a little crunchy}

Here's me, trying to show the piece of pie on my plate - and catch it as it started to slide off!

Nothing like friends and pie, I say!

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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