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>> Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Read all about the Times Square New Year's Eve ball here.
Pretty 'quilty' looking, eh!

Photo Credit: Countdown Entertainment, LLC

As we get closer to a new year, I always get over excited making plans for my quilt projects.
I'm hoping to get many more designs out next year as compared to this one.
But I like to make other people's quilts too.

And that pile of tops that need quilting and UFOs hasn't gone away either!

Here's one challenge that I am joining in next year.

Monochromatic Challenge

You can click here to read Judy's introductory post and get your list of colours she has selected.

Judy is also having a UFO Challenge next year - a sneaky fun way to get your UFOs done!
I'm not joining in as the UFOs I plan to work on already have deadlines - in my mind:)
We'll see how I do!

Of course, I'm also planning to participate in the Block Lotto again. Love the challenge each month of trying a new block. There's no pressure to participate and you don't have to make 9 blocks each month (but usually that's the maximum if you get carried away!)

I've also mentioned the Sketchbook Challenge.

There will be a new Sew Along with the Old Red Barn Company starting in January. You can watch the flickr pool to find out about that.

Pat Sloan has something new planned with Emilie Richards to start in March.

And Pat's having a party to sew in the New Year! Read her blog today for more info.

Next year will be a different year for me as my son will be off to school. This means mom will probably be getting a full time job outside of the home.

Lots of planning going on - we'll see how much quilting gets done!
Do you have quilting plans for 2011?

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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