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>> Friday, October 8, 2010

My first string block for October. I love the colours in this one.

The little package with string I found at the grocery store yesterday. It helped me stuff a turkey for my husband's Turkey lunch today. All 25 pounds of it!

One asterisk block done for Sylvia, this month's Sew Modern Queen Bee.

My oops! block for Sylvia.
I sped through the directions, assuming it was like the liberated asterisk blocks I did for Block Lotto. Wrong! The one time I don't do a test block!!
In Sylvia's block, each cut is made from a corner or an equal distance. In the liberated block, the diagonal cuts don't have to be from the corners.

Sylvia still likes it and may use it on the back of her quilt. Apologies again to Sylvia.

I'll do a post over the weekend of my Falloween projects in their states of completion.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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