Friday Fun and a UFO Mission Begins

>> Friday, October 15, 2010

Poor Molly Monkey is still waiting for me to stitch her head back on.
Last week's string block is waiting for it's neighbour, too!

Did you see what the monkey is holding onto for me?

Rainbow rick rack!
And some pretty fun prints that my mom pulled out of her purse when she was here for Thanksgiving. She picked them up while with my sister this summer. Exciting treats!

This is a beautiful magazine that I've been enjoying from my local library. All the needle crafts in one place. {Sorry for the glare - it really is that glossy!}

I love this quilt. I had to resist starting it right away. It's on the list!

The photos of the other needlecraft projects are equally inspiring.

Just in time!
Is there ever a bad time! :)
Pat's tips just started yesterday.
You can start here.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee

p.s. I'll be picking my Fall into Fall giveaway winner after lunch today.
Once I hear back through email I will announce who it is here.
Thanks for two hopping great weeks!


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