Friday Show and Tell it All

>> Friday, September 3, 2010

Yes, a post where I go from silly happy

back to normal happy

in a matter of seconds.

My first happy free motion cloud

The big uh-oh I found seconds after creating my first happy free motion cloud
{I had somehow sewed the backing fabric over the quilt}

Garden gloves from the dollar store that are pretty handy (!) for free motion quilting

It's at this point I also scared myself silly trying to figure out how to re-engage my feed dogs!
Oh no!, I thought, I have to free motion quilt forEVER!

Never fear, my trusty manual rescued me.

If you haven't been, check out the posts for the free motion quilt a long.
It's where I found my prescription for happiness!
{at least when it comes to free motion quilting!}

I was also reminded to clean my machine before starting.
Well, I've cleaned my machine, but only because I didn't listen and had a big oops happen.
Don't be me! Follow this post to clean that guck out of there! {You'll have to do it eventually}

I've spent my early morning quilting time catching up with blogs I don't normally read (isn't that a weekend activity?!) Well, it's rainy here so it feels like a weekend. Anyway, back to the housewarming gift and a bee block. More to share later!

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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