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>> Thursday, September 16, 2010

I know I wouldn't enjoy being on a desert isle, but I would enjoy, say, a weekend alone in a king bed hotel suite with room service and a nice, big desk! Don't forget a fantastic view of, maybe, Machu Pichu or Banff. I'm not picky!

Here are two of my favourite things that I know I would take with me.

My Layer Cake of Prayer Flags by April Cornell.

There are lots of paisley prints to make me very happy and relaxed.

I even love the large prints. I think I understand the fascination of layer cakes, because I know I wouldn't have bought this scale of print. Now that I've seen it - I want it! And all of the rest of the prints too.

Secondly I would bring this book

I discovered it in my local library. It was published in 1980. I can get lost in this book.

This is just one page! There are 117.
This could be a fun one to use with my Layer Cake. And really, if I'm on a desert island, these two would have to play together in some way. The hotel seems like a better alternative with a desk and hydro, though. Then it might be near the world's most amazingly stocked quilt store and I won't have to look twice at what I brought{except maybe the size of my suitcase!}

I realized going through my photos that I didn't even take one of THE BLOCK that I want to make out of this book. It's called California Star. I have been dreaming about a quilt by this name for many years.

I'm sure if you've read this far by now you realize that I've been busy doing other things besides making quilty things I can show you. And that your eyeballs hurt! I will have more to show you soon. As soon as I finish something:)

Thanks for sticking with me. Do you have something you would take with you to enjoy on a desert island?

I forgot to mention the food staple - cheesecake!

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


Jeannette September 16, 2010 at 10:06 AM  

What a lovely question to ponder, thank you. I would want a straw hat, good shoes, soft cotton clothes, a camera, a Bible, and a canteen for water...pen and paper too.

Quilts ultmately come out of all the other adventures of life, don't they? Then when we are in stay home times the flowers of fabric and the interlocking patterns whisper of other places and times and relationships. Pretty fabric pack you have picked...
I bet you would like Mariner's Star too.

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