Making a Sun *Shine* - Part One

>> Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here's a mini tutorial {or process post },
more or less {less = no measurements.
I just used what I had and made the rest up!},
about how I made my sun.

My sun's original centre - not very sunny! I thought I would just add the blue edges and it would round out. {inspired by making August Block Lotto roses}

PLAN B: Cut the yellow into a circle. I traced a coffee can.


Now to make it a sun with rays. I have to admit that my skills and confidence to make this sun came from doing Block Lotto blocks. Liberated making has opened alot of possibilities for me.

I started with a 2 piece section of yellow. These strips {and the ones I sewed together to make the middle of the sun} are leftover from another project: Tent Flap quilt that I started with Pat Sloan. Here's a link to my unfinished project.

Then I cut blue strips that are a little longer than the yellow - because when you sew on an angle {like, to make rays} you end up with points and - angles! Angles take up fabric - you can always cut extra off:)

Leave a quarter inch seam allowance on the back, trim anything extra.

This is the front side. Half a ray.

This photo shows the second sky piece, on an angle, right side down. Notice at the top how it's angled so there is some of the first sky piece showing. You need this extra at the top to make room for your seam allowance.

Here's the first ray with sky on both sides.

I lined my ruler up along the bottom of the ray and trimmed to get a straight edge.

Here's the ray with both the top and bottom edges trimmed straight. I kept some rays like this - with lots of sky on each side. As I kept going I realized I needed the sky to sew the rays to each other.

Most rays I trimmed the sides square as well.

Here are a few of my rays. You'll see I had to start sewing sky in between because of the angles.
I also started to realize that the sky didn't need to be the same blue on each side of a ray.
The ray on the right is my first one. You can see it's on more of an angle than the others. I kept it anyway:)

Next post - making the rays into a circle.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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