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>> Thursday, March 25, 2010

I was in Quilt Book Lover Nirvana yesterday for about an hour.

The local quilting guild brought in a book seller to display his wares. A fantastic lot! I browsed while he pulled historical quilting books for me to look at. These are the ones I know I buy as resources. For colour combinations and border inspirations. And for the stories about the quilts and their makers.

This book I plan to read from front to back to discover her quilt story. I know she has a new book out. I figured $5 for the old one was a good deal.

He had several books that were authored or co-authored by Rachel Pellman. This is the only one I came home with as I had never seen it before. And it has quilts like this in it -

This is the book I've started to look at

I have seen a Welsh quilting book advertised in Quiltmania but thought it was too costly to purchase and ship. This one looks very promising.

This is what's inside

This is the quilting design for the following quilt:

I love it! There seems to be alot of PAISLEYs in the quilting designs too which is something I enjoy quilting on my tablerunner.

With Joy,

Sarah Vee


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