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>> Friday, March 5, 2010

A single block finish - but it does count! One more Mystery Basket block done. I'm really looking forward to making this quilt. You can see my first block here, and the second one here from last week.

Does this look like a quilt block to you? Or maybe a quilt top? My 2 1/2 year old did this in response to my complaining about him spreading (dumping) his toys all over the floor. Instead, he systematically pushed, piled, and shoved them all into a shelf cubby.

It reminds me of this

My bunny lady blocks! I just keep shoving and maneuvering more blocks into this top. Actually, it was my almost 9 year old daughter who shook things up last night. It was with her help that my bunnies are now hopping across the quilt. That may be my favourite memory in making this quilt.
I've switched up the top baskets to duplicate the ones in the bottom left since taking this picture.
The baskets are leftovers from my Birthday Baskets quilt.

What am I going to fill in my spaces with to compete with my son?

Well, my mess is on my cutting table. Can you see the strips? These are the goodies that Wanda sent my way awhile ago. I've been thinking about what to use them in since they arrived. If you click on the picture you can see that the strip in the foreground even has bunnies in it! That one will make it's way into the quilt for sure. Also in this picture is the stack of 'work' that I accomplished yesterday. My sister will recognize - and hopefully applaud - my efforts! The stitchery there is one my daughter designed for my birthday. She's still working at it.

Here's the other side of the cutting table. More blocks to find their way into the quilt. I may have to take them apart and use the halves separately to make them fit. My daughter and I also decided that the red and blue fabrics you can see are the borders for the quilt.

One little birthday gift to finish today. A cake to bake for my hubby's birthday.
Then back to block making.

The bunnies will have to wait a few more days for their strips.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


Rachel Slote-Brown March 5, 2010 at 8:36 AM  

Can you hear that? It's me applauding you! Looks like you've been busy. I like the bunnies going across like that. How big are the blocks?
Hope hubby has a good day. What kind of cake?

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