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>> Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm trying something a little different today. Think of this as a guest post from someone named FABRIC. This is their speech - Main Fabric Acceptance Speech


Thank you very much for this honour. I am very surprised to be up here. I couldn't have done this alone, though.

I'd like to thank the quilt designer for creating such a wonderful pattern. It's a very dramatic design where we all felt free to create something magical together. The pattern writer made it very easy for the quilter to put the pieces together to create this quilt.

In this quilt is was my pure colour that was reflected – in the last my large print. In other roles I have been the one with the biggest stripes or the tiniest flowers. I've been the darkest, the lightest and the one with the most colours. I have enjoyed them all. Each one has allowed me to express myself centre stage and has given me the confidence to keep trying new things.

I feel like I'm just lucky to be here. I'd like to thank the quilter who saw potential in me to make me the lead. The other fabrics that I worked with made my job easy. They contrasted my character at the right times, made me look distinct and memorable. Others brought out my best side.

There's nothing neutral about my background fabric. Without her support you wouldn't know what kind of quilt you're viewing. What kind of action to expect – how this quilt will make you feel. Thank you, background.

Costume design has done another exquisite job on this one. The top thread embellishments – whether stippling, in the ditch or intricate feather wreaths – always add to my performance. They make my job easy.

In closing, I'd like to thank you, the viewer. Without your feedback, I would never know how well I'm doing my job. If I need to take more risks – or add some borders to frame my performance. I'm glad you enjoyed my work enough to take me home – to give me the greatest joy in my profession – to make me your main fabric choice.

Thank you, again.


Stay tuned for Camp Updates

Sarah Vee


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