Freezer Paper is My Friend

>> Friday, February 12, 2010

My string block for this week. Lots of yellow from my Sloanie Camp quilt. I'm trying to use strips each week from projects I'm working on, then use what's already in my strip bin to finish it.

I have finally started quilting my Valentine table runner. I saw a smaller version of this circle fill in the Amish book from the library. I wondered how to enlarge it - then realized it was simple to draw! I drew my own lines onto the paper side of some freezer paper, then added the curves. I used the silk heat setting on my iron to set it in place. I'm hoping it looks like hearts?! Yes?

I'm using a matching thread so you can't see my mistakes too clearly. I can see where I went slowly around curves and where I didn't:) I will use a smaller stitch next time as some of the stitches started to come out when I removed the freezer paper.

Here's to all the handstitching I hope to get done during the Olympics!

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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