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>> Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Canadians! I'm away eating today:)
But I have been busy!
My Picnic Quilt for my niece is finished. I am delivering it to her today so I will have pictures to show later this week.
I finished one more Lady of the Lake block. I also played with some leftover triangles to make this star block. I plan to cut the strips of fabric to make the corner squares.

I also played a bit more with my other block. This idea keeps changing and has now blossomed into "Sprouts of Joy". I discovered the fabric that matched this background best was in my scrap bin! So I pulled out selvedges and mistakes and scraps with fusible web still on them - and had some fun! Since this picture I've sewn the background together. The other pieces are waiting in a baggie for my next chance to play:)

I also posted a quilt in the online blogger festival and have been busy responding to all the comments. Who KNEW there were so many quilters blogging!

I am feeling very grateful for being part of such a great community. Check out Judy's blog to see what others have posted this week.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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