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>> Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some Lady of the Lake progress! By the end of Monday night I had several more blocks up.

Here's a picture of one of the blocks laid out on my little flannel 'tray' (for lack of a better word) I'm trying to make sure I have some blue on every block. So for the ones where the large triangles are not blue, I add it in around the outside. This one looks 'okay' but the green triangles are competing for definition - are they both the same value?

I ended up switching the sets around so that the blue was touching the centre. This helped define the dark green as the *dark* side of its half, and also helped the light green, well, get *lighter*. It's fun to play with these blocks. Fun I'm looking forward to finishing!!

Now I've run out of half square triangles again. So I am joining them as 'leaders and enders' while I work on my Little Bouquet Quilt.

Apparently, the 'mystery stabilizer' that I'm using doesn't like heat! I have lots of this stuff from some yard sale goodies. I am assuming it is used in garment construction because that's what it was huddled up with in the bag. It crinkles up real neat, and because it's not fusible there was no damage done to my iron:) I like the effect, one to play with for sure, but not what I need for this project. Out came the parchment paper. I placed it over the entire piece before pressing each strip.

No problems! This is my first of four background blocks. I'm looking forward to the next step - I think!:) Stay tuned...

EnJOY some SEWing today,
Sarah Vee


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