Christmas Present in July

>> Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My sister got me this iron for LAST Christmas!
(See that special 'drip free' tag?!)

The cord zooms in and out too!
And it has a handy light that blinks!
It shuts itself down if I wander away too long.....
And it has a 'red light' to tell me if it's hot or not!

It came with it's own nifty little watering can to get the water in without spilling:)

Perhaps the best thing is it came with instructions on how to clean it properly. Alas, the last iron was not so lucky. This one will hopefully last me another 10 years!! (The last one didn't get a proper work out though until the last few, so it will be hard to compare the two performance wise. This one's lighter too!)

And it works great!!!

We've been busy pressing half square triangles.

I never thought I'd *love* an iron!

Thanks Sis! For bringing some JOY to this dreaded task.

Sarah Vee


General Time Reversible July 15, 2009 at 5:24 PM  

I've been spending time with my iron today too and have recently discovered how good it is - after Joseph used it and figured out a few tricks (mom and I both tried). Oh well, now I love it and don't mind using it. Glad you are FINALLY enjoying yours.

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