Murphy's Law and Backing your Quilt

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

While the foreshadowing 'it almost fits' from the front of the quilt should have given you a still wouldn't have been BIG enough!

The backing looks great. You used some leftover blocks and spaced them out really nicely at the bottom of the backing.

Now you layer the top over it right sides together.

Look! They don't match!

The toddler is sleeping so you can deal with this, right? You have maybe a little bit more than a fat quarter of backing fabric left so you quickly zip some strips and get them on.

You lay the backing out nice and gently again.
This time the top fits perfectly. Grand!

But what is that your hand just brushed over? That bright yellow dot of head!

Oh you were smart to leave this little guy in there to remind you that there was a seam to redo - before you layered the quilt top to the binding.

Okay, one more set back. Surely all your time to quilt has not run out - yet. Once again you hoist the mammoth top to the machine. One little 2 inch seam later, you begin again.

Hey, how come this seam is 1/4inch and this one is a little bit more? Now what? Where are your patience at?
Guess what? We're getting her done! Pin it and zip it left brain!! We are outta here!

Now the finished product sits primly getting it's picture taken.Quilt fit to be tied for Pat Sloan's 'Ketchup weekend'

Murphy's Law and Quilt backing - a tale this quilter hopes not to repeat. Did you learn anything from my tale?

Enjoy sewing through all circumstances - you're still sewing:) Sarah Vee

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