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>> Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day to the Americans! I have some wonderful new chairs to enjoy my next holiday weekend. In the meantime I keep them company with a hot coffee or cold drink, depending on the time of day:)

I finished my yellow ribbon wallhanging and it fits nicely above the chairs. I plan to make a few more of these - maybe one with a red background as well. I'm pretty happy with it. I plan to keep working on the bottom part of the ribbons to make them 'flow' a little nicer.
I made this sketchbook cover for one of my daughter's friends. It was her birthday party on the weekend and my daughter said she likes to doodle flowers for the girls at school. So we decided this would be a nice personal gift.
I made this cool little bag to put it in. I used the instructions from Oh Franson's bag to construct the drawstring top as I find this a great feature in a bag. You can find the tutorial on my sidebar under the *new* category "Tutorials I've enJOYed". The sketchbook is from the Bloom journal cover tutorial. Of course I changed the size and had to make friends with my seam ripper, but I'm happy with how they both turned out.
So was the birthday girl:) We added some pencils and a neat eraser to the duo. I used stash fabric for everything and it took very little time. I designed the bag, chose fabric, cut fabric, made the bag, and modified the drawstring portion of the tutorial in a few hours. In between afterschool play, dinner and bedtime routines. Pretty happy with the output this weekend:)

I'll be back soon enough with my Lady of the Lake blocks for this week and progress on a little quilt that I hope to finish this week! Sew some JOY this week! Sarah Vee


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