Progress on the Lake Blocks

>> Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Working away at the Lady of the Lake blocks. So far I have met my goal of finishing four blocks a week - two weeks in a row!
I started to run low on my half triangle squares so I worked at cutting, sewing, and pressing some new ones.
The large centres of the blocks I put together when I first started this quilt.
I had a smaller stash 'back then' and had to really work at getting enough light/dark value combinations.
As you can see, sometimes value is relative. I've learned a few tricks about contrast and tricking the eye when it comes to colour. And I'm sure there are more to learn:)
The contrast in the middle of this block isn't great. The key to this quilt's layout is to SEE a contrast in the centre of the blocks as they make a pattern throughout the quilt. (I won't say a 'secondary' pattern because some people will see this pattern first).

For this block, I chose my outside half triangle squares to emphasize the Green as the Dark value in the centre. Honestly, I think I could just as well have picked the purple! Using squares with green as the dark triangle around the outside, I am hoping to trick the viewer's eye into agreeing that, yes, the Green in the centre is the Dark(er) valued half. If your eye agrees - this block will read properly in the overall pattern.

I've noticed I have quite a few of these ConTrast Challenge Blocks! I plan to tackle at least one a week and not leave them all to the end! I'll keep you posted.

My box is filled back up for the week. SeW Joy! Sarah Vee


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