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>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm back trying to catch up on a few things. The background blocks in my header are from a quilt that has been in progress for awhile.

The quilt is a variation of the "Lady of the Lake" block. I am making it to fit our queen bed. I pulled all the sheets off today and tried to take some progress shots to encourage me to get going already. As you can see, I had some help.
Before I even snapped the first shot my cat Mogli jumped onto the blocks. Guess he's trying to give me some encouragement too. These blocks are from several years ago now and it's interesting to see the different fabrics used in them. Some are already put together in groups of four ready to be attached to batting and backing and quilted. Others are still single waiting for some more current partners. I plan to spread the blocks around so ones with like triangles don't touch. We'll see. I have 48 Blocks to Go!

One more picture tonight of the refreshing burst of spring I added above my sewing machine.
I finally put some wonderful fabric that I haven't been able to cut into over a bulletin board. I plan to add some lilac ricrac to it as well. I am working on several projects with triangles in them - like the Lady of the Lake - and I have great difficulty with keeping them going in the right directions when sewing. I will keep my reminder pictures up here - and maybe some design inspirations as well.


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