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>> Friday, July 3, 2015

Yes it's summer and long weekend time! I've been going through my stash of selvages and put together two kits.

Each kit has enough selvages to make one of my Selvage JOY! Pillow Covers.

One kit is made up of Red, White and Blue selvages. This was fun to put together and see what fabrics I've used - not a lot of reds! 

The second kit I put together includes light greens, light blues and some floral. It reminds me of looking at a flower patch on a bright sunny day!

Each kit includes a piece of foundation fabric,
the required amount of selvages (plus a few extra)
and the Selvage JOY! Pillow Cover pattern
Cost of kit is $15 US

To complete the pillow you will also need
which is NOT included in the kit!
2 pieces of fabric:
a 9 x 16.5 inch piece
a 14.5 x 16.5 inch piece

If you are interested in a kit, email me at sarahvee   @  (no spaces)

Shipping will depend on your location. Right now I'm thinking $5 but we can discuss it :)
I can email you the pattern and then send the fabric out; if you want me to print the pattern for you that will increase the shipping cost.

If you've never played with selvages, or don't save them (or just want to play with MINE!) now's your chance!

We'll see how this goes if I make up some more kits!
Remember to let me know which one you're interested in -
 Light Green Garden or Red, White and Blue!

With Joy,

Sarah Vee


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