what do you hunger for?

reflection on January - Tears welled up in my eyes when I recognized the spiral motif in the middle of a floor carpet at a school where I had the opportunity, for the first time, to supply teach.  I loved doing it!

what desires lie deep within?

reflection on February - I started to write again

what dreams are emerging?
what's stirring?

reflection on March - I did some fun creating with my kids, I made my first Youtube video, I won a prize for the first time in awhile , I read Eric Maisel's book "Coaching the Artist Within", I started reading for pleasure again too

what dreams is it time to tend?

How would you like to bloom?
Who are you when you're in full bloom?

June - Full Strawberry Moon
 What Delights are you Dreaming of?

. . . July 3 Full Buck Moon
“What are your most powerful dreams? 
Who are you when you are powerful?”

 "What is your intuition telling you about your dreams?”

 “What extra-super-special dream do you want to invite in?” Now is the time.


"What would I like an abundance of?"

“What is clear about your dreams? What further clarity do you seek?”


The prompt for the Full Wolf Moon is 

What are you Hungry for?

reflections - it's now March and we have a new mattress,
I made a new tutorial as well

  the Full Snow Moon asks: “What desires lie deep within?”

I didn't reflect on this board on my main blog this time. Too late, too deep? I knew as soon as i read the prompt that POETRY wanted out - it wasn't until i went and bought some magazines for 5 cents each at my library that I had the supplies to find the word! the grey dress taunts me. The bridge beckons. something fabulous feels like what i am supposed to do this year. this is my birthday month.

  The Full Snow Moon asks: “What dreams are stirring? What is awakening?”

New Moon: August 6
Full Moon:  August 20

Northern Hemisphere: Full Sturgeon Moon
Prompt: “What does your intuition tell you about your dreams”

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