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>> Friday, April 24, 2015

Well. I don't know what to say. I put together my pillow pattern and started up The Club and forgot to tell you all about it!


The club will run until the end of 2015 and those who join will receive AT LEAST 12 pillow patterns: the majority will be for 16 inch pillow covers. Of course, Sadie is mostly inspired by bright, fun, easy pieced patterns so that's what most will be! (Selvages and some applique might sneak in there, but don't worry -we'll provide options so you only make what you enJOY making!)

The first pattern is for SPRING JOY. I've already made myself a runner using the pattern. It's a fun one to play with stripes, brights or special novelty prints. It's fat quarter friendly too:)

This weekend I'm hoping to get busy on May's pattern! I have lots of ideas and just need to focus focus focus.

So of course, the next post will be of something ELSE that I've been working on;)

Thanks for sharing in my Sewing JOY today,

Sarah V


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